14th April 2010 update:
Widely Recommended & Popular Make Money Online Products...
These are proven 'make money online' products that actually work.

Earn Extra From Home

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#1 - Kim Hoffman's My Online Income System
Kim Hoffman My Online Income System - Earn Extra From Home

Name: Kim Hoffman's My Online Income System
Level: Complete Beginner / 'Vague Idea'

Earnings Potential: $50 to $100+ per day
Price: $47

Further expenditure: None required

Sales Page
Refund Policy: 60 days (trusted intermediary company)

My Online Income System VIDEO Review
Review: My Online Income System WRITTEN Review
#2 - One Week Marketing
Pot Pie Girl OneWeekMarketing - Earn Extra From Home

NamePot Pie Girl's One Week Marketing
LevelSome Experience (After MyOnlineIncomeSystem)

Earnings Potential
: Multiplies Earnings & Income Streams
Price: $47
Further Expenditure: None Required

Sales Pagewww.One-Week-Marketing.com
Refund Policy: 60 days (trusted intermediary company)

One Week Marketing Review
Review: One Week Marketing Summary Review Below

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#1.  Kimberley Hoffman's My Online Income System (MOIS)

I still use this product, and it was the first one I bought.  As a beginner, this course was a great start to learning how to make money online.  The program states you will be making $50-$100 a day ($18,250-$36,500/year) on autopilot once you complete the course.  In all honesty, you should be getting more than that. With My Online Income System (MOIS):

> You are NOT required to make any further payments in order to effectively implement the taught course strategies

> You do NOT have to pay a subscription.  At the time of writing, you simply pay a one-off fee of $47, after which you have instant access to all the resources the money making program has to offer

> You do NOT have to pay for GoogleAds

> You do NOT have to have any prior experience at all with internet business

> You do NOT need to know anything about website building

You have to put a little work in first but once that's done, money will start to pour in without you having to lift a finger.  Obviously, you can keep on doing the work and increase your revenue accordingly (create more information about the products you sell, or diversify your product portfolio).  The course assumes no prior knowledge and is structured through a 60-day action plan.  A day's action plan can be anything from 10 minutes to an hour long - so you could do the whole course in a week.  The information is all there, ready to be accessed by you at any convenient time.

The customer support is great too.  They had some hitches a while back (customers reported these in forums) but the whole system has been recently revamped (7th March 2009 I think) and there is now a members forum too - so there are at least 3 ways to get some assistance from the people that run the program (direct email, members forum, phone number).  One thing that pleasantly surprised me was receiving a phone call from an 'online business advisor' asking how I was getting on with the course and offering some advice.  This is currently stated on Kim Hoffman's My Online Income System website as a bonus but I'd completely forgotten about it once I was immersed in all the online material.

I know that some people have reported being hassled by these 'online business advisors' so be wary - if they start trying any funny business just say you're not interested and hang up.  You should not have to spend another dollar to see results.

MOIS is widely publicised as the #1 system on the market.  It is a popular product as more people are realising it actually delivers.  So whilst it may be a marketing ploy, I should mention there is a warning on Kim's website about a limit on the people buying the program (she doesn't want everyone knowing about the secrets etc.) so if you're tempted to check it out then better sooner rather than later!

Click here to reach the MOIS website

19th July (2009) Update:

I don't like disclosing earnings but I also know there's a lot of people who are skeptical about whether really does actually work.  In fact, that was me when I was thinking about whether to buy My Online Income System!

So I've taken a leaf out of a fellow affiliate marketer's book and decided to give you a glimpse of what's possible.

This is a screenshot of what my clickbank account processed in the last hour - and results like this one have been achieved using just one of many methods taught in My Online Income System, and for just one income stream.
As you can see, sales totalling $56.77 have been achieved within 10 minutes!  Now if this happened just once a day, you'll be earning:

$56.77 x 365 days = $20,721.05 per year.

Not bad for a single investment of just $47... and imagine if this happened 3 or 4 times a day... or if you used ALL the methods in My Online Income System... or set up multiple income streams...

Of course, you don't have to imagine it...

> My Online Income System <

16th February (2010) Update:

Just another snippet to show you it's still working... (with blurred bits for 3rd party privacy)
So this particular account of mine shows total sales of $81.69 for yesterday, from Australia and the United States.  After less than a year of using My Online Income System (consistently but rather lazily!), this is a normal day's earnings from one of my 'healthier' online income streams.

I can show you screenshots for every day from each stream but it's not going to help you.

Whatever you choose to do, if you want to start making money online then commit yourself to it and you will be successful.

> My Online Income System <

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#2. Potpie Girl's One Week Marketing

Potpie Girl's One Week Marketing Guide
I'll be honest with you and say I have bought this product but I haven't got around to using it yet.  I have done extensive research on it, and had a quick look through the package but I still want to check off a few more things on my list before I get stuck in (I can't deal with too many distractions!).

But as this is my 'Top 3 Make Money Online Products' page, then this has to go in at #2 as it's the one I know most about after My Online Income System.  The product is packed with valuable information on how to succeed in making money online with Squidoo lenses.  And Squidoo lenses are free!  So you won't have to spend a penny to see results once you've purchased the product.

You can read about my findings here:
Potpie Girl's One Week Marketing Review

I also want to add that Potpie Girl is a very real, and great inspiration to those looking to make money online.  She only started a couple of years ago and has already made 6 figures...

Click here to check out the One Week Marketing website.

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#3. Hang on a second...

Earn Extra From Home
Ok... I know this is my 'Top 3' page.  But I've decided there are just two products I feel I should recommend to you at this stage.

Why?  Because I'm confident you'll succeed with the two above.  You don't need me to tell you about some mediocre product that I have some vague information about.

I'm not here to waste your time - and I'm certainly not here to waste your money.

If I do discover a 3rd product worthy of mention, I'll let you know.

In the mean time, let's pretend my 3rd recommendation is letting me know if you have any questions!

Just click here if you have any questions about My Online Income System or Potpie Girl's One Week Marketing

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A bit of background before you get started...

I feel I should mention the following.  All 3 online income generating systems are genuine products.  They are legitimate and they are not scams.  And each one of them offers a money back guarantee, which they will honour.

Whichever course of action you choose to take to get started making money online, there are 4 vital attributes you will need to invest if you are to become successful.

1) Your time
2) Your effort
3) Your patience
4) Your perseverence

You must bear this in mind as you make your decision to take on the challenge.

Are you serious about making money online?

Being serious about making money online does not necessarily mean dropping everything else.  In many cases, this is unrealistic as it will take a month or two before you first begin generating an online income that can supplement an existing income.  Once this is achieved, there is nothing to prevent you from establishing multiple online income streams which should lead to a level of online income that you can live off.

Everyone is in a different situation, and I have reflected this in the products I recommend below.

> If time is limited, consider a product you can purchase with a one-off fee.  Then you can refer to it whenever you have a free moment without feeling the pressure to justify the monthly fee associated with a subscription product.

> (edited 13th August 2009) previously, I mentioned monthly subscription products here and recommended them at #2 and #3.  Now I'm not going to because I don't believe they offer good value for people just starting out.  I feel there's plenty to learn before you should commit to paying $97 a month for information you won't have time to digest - you'll be putting yourself under unnecessary pressure just to justify the fee.
(Contact me if you want to know what I recommended previously)

I do not feature an online income generating survey product as I believe these to be poor value for money.  In essence, you would be buying a product that tells you where you can take surveys that pay.  Why not just find out about these online income generating surveys from a free source?

So if you are interested in surveys, I have listed some survey sites where you can register right now.  Some even pay you for registering.  Whilst I cannot promise that they will make you rich, it is certainly possible to generate some extra cash online - perhaps enough for that weekend away or a piece of designer clothing.  What's more, it is free to join (if not, then do not join).  Check out these Free Paid Survey Sites.

So, are you serious about making money online?

If the answer is "yes" then great!  Go for it!

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