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Is My Online Income System a Scam?

Earn Extra From Home with Kimberly Hoffman
While there have always been many asking "is My Online Income System a scam?" there has not always been any evidence to prove that this is the case.  However, it has recently come to my attention that there are a number of people who claim that Kim Hoffman's system is indeed a scam.  While I find this a bit surprising, I feel it is definitely worth exploring their claims further.

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So why do some people claim My Online Income System is a scam?

A few people are saying it is a scam, and yes, from my own personal experience I can tell you Kim Hoffman's My Online Income System is not perfect.  The following are criticisms that you should be aware of:

Phone calls from 'the coaching team'
A couple of people have complained that they received a call from an 'advisor' who offered them help for between $150 and $10,000.  I can assure you, you don not need to pay an extra penny (or cent) to be successful with the System.  So ignore the first phone call.  Or if you do pick up, say you're not interested.  If they call again against your wishes, threaten to claim a refund on the System if they call you again.  This should be more than enough.  From a personal point of view, I didn't have a problem with phone calls.

Recommending products which are unnecessary for your success with the System
Again, I reiterate the fact you don't need to invest any more money after buying the System.  So when the 60-day action plan recommends any products at the early stages, they are being opportunistic in selling you something which you don't actually need.  The reason they offer you these products in the first few days of the action plan is because you won't need them by the time you reach the latter stages of the plan.  Follow the 60-day action plan and you WILL make money using entirely free methods.

Emails promoting other products and never providing useful information
Any email you receive from Kimberley Hoffman will inevitably be promoting another product.  And guess what?  You don't need it!  Distractions are one of the biggest reasons for failure.  So unsubscribe from her emails and concentrate on My Online Income System's 60-day action plan.

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But if My Online Income System is a scam... how is this possible?

Is My Online Income System A Scam - Earn Extra From Home

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Unjustified criticism of the Kimberly Hoffman My Online Income System

There is also unjustified criticism of the Kimberley Hoffman My Online Income System going around... predominantly by people who have other products they want to sell you, which probably earn them more money and in some cases earn them recurring commissions because their product charges you a monthly fee.  Maybe that's a bit cynical...

Poor value for money (FALSE)
At a one-off price of $47, I can say from personal experience that this is extremely good value.  While the sales page exaggerates what your earnings will be, the fact of the matter is that you will earn a significant amount of money if you follow the plan and stick with it.  My earnings exceeded my expenditure after just 4 weeks.  Everything after that is pure profit.  And that is a massive profit after a year.  A significant proportion of people are criticising Kimberley Hoffman's System and comparing it to a popular program that some websites ban people from mentioning because of over-excessive marketing (two words, first begins with 'W' and second word is 'Affiliate').  It probably is a great product.  But you can't compare a one-time $47 product to a $39/month product (i.e. $468/year).  Especially when you're starting out and funds are limited...

Further investment required (FALSE)
Yes, there are a couple of sneaky moments where the MOIS team recommend some products for purchase.  But I recommend you do NOT buy.  From my own personal experience, there was enough to learn and apply using the free methods without having to spend more money and have even more information to cope with (which also deviates from the 60 day action plan).  You honestly do NOT need to spend another single unit of your local currency.  You can buy subsequent packages or join membership sites by re-investing profits you have already generated - just like growing any business - and then you won't be out of pocket.

You can only make money by promoting My Online Income System (FALSE)
This is false and a comment made by those who haven't read the introductory ebook listed on days 1-3 of the 60-day action plan.  Kimberley Hoffman uses the 'acne' niche as an example.  The range of products you can earn from is almost beyond imagination.  The System recommends a couple of 'marketplaces' where commissions are as high as 75% and a huge range of digital products are available for promotion.  You can make money by referring buyers to these products or even by creating and promoting your own products.  All you need to get started is in the 60-day action plan.

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If you buy Kim Hoffman's My Online Income System through the link above, I will receive a commission.  However, I am promoting this product because I have had first-hand success with it.  I know it works.  I could easily find a 'make money online' product that offers a larger commission, perhaps even with payments on a monthly basis.  But I believe in recommending products that I know are good value for people starting out.  After all, I am staking my reputation on it!

I hope the review I have provided has been of some help to you.  If you are tempted to purchase the system through the link above, please feel free to drop me a short message.  Given my experience with the product, I will be able to make sure everything is as it should be, and also provide unofficial and unbiased advice if you need it - for example, the product may recommend you buy something which you don't actually need or for which there is a freely available alternative.

    Still not sure? Just ask.