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Page Contents For Potpie Girl's 'One Week Marketing' - An Unbiased Review

Potpie Girl's One Week Marketing - An Unbiased Review
1. Potpie Girl's 'One Week Marketing' - Why It Is Worth Your Consideration...

2. One Week Marketing Sounds Great.  Any Chance I Can Get A FREE Sneak Preview?

3. Frequently Asked Questions

4. What 'Real' People Say About One Week Marketing...

5. Thank You For Reading

6. Any Questions?

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1. Potpie Girl's 'One Week Marketing' - Why It Is Worth Your Consideration...

I remember when I started out...
I remember when I started out investigating the possibliity of earning extra money from home using the internet.  There was so much information out there that it would be overwhelming.  People recommending this and that, contradictory statements about particular methods, and various products that promised greatness but never quite explained what they actually taught you.  Even now, I find myself having to wear blinkers and ignore the tempting offers arriving in my email inbox!

When it comes to these temptations, don't believe the hype.  Because that's all it is.  Try not to let your emotions get engaged - think logically.  One Week Marketing is unlike all these new products where affiliates build up hype in the run up to their 'big launches' where they "only have X places remaining" so you'd "better get in quick".

These 'big' marketers are concentrating on selling high-priced products and membership subscriptions to people who have money to burn or who have been hypnotised by the sales pitch (I'm not saying that big affiliate marketers are bad people or use underhand tactics!).  As far as they're concerned, this is where the money is.  And their customers will have to keep spending their monthly membership fee to find out what the next piece of the jigsaw will be...

Why more and more people are buying One Week Marketing...
The growing success of One Week Marketing is completely organic.  Its increase in popularity has come about because people have used it, benefited from it, and spread the word to some of those who are up-and-coming in the 'make money online' world or those who have been milling around for a while with no clear direction!

So who is Potpie Girl?
Potpie Girl is the alias of Jennifer Ledbitter.  The mother from Georgia, USA, decided she was going to try and make money on the internet back in February 2007.  As I'm writing this, that's just 2 years and 5 months.  She made $154,819.96 last year using free methods.  This doesn't mean it's easy - but it means it's possible.  And it also means she is in a very good position to tell us how we can go about emulating her success.  She was just like us those 2 years ago... 

Can I have a synopsis of One Week Marketing please?
Sure.  Inspired by the steps Jennifer had taken to create her first successful campaign (by no means on her first attempt) One Week Marketing is a product that gives you a shortcut to success in creating residual income using the internet.  It provides a clear plan of action and can be successfully implemented using free methods.  As the name suggests, the plan runs the course of a single week.  Follow the plan, and in a week you've got one campaign up and running.  Do the same the next week, and the next, etc., and you end up with several campaigns all generating their own income stream.

Why not go ahead and check it out for yourself by clicking here

As is the case for many things in life (including the art of making money online)...
...if you don't take action, you'll lose out on the satisfaction...(c)

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2. One Week Marketing sounds great.  Any chance I can get a sneak preview?

Funny you should ask... for your FREE 18-page sample simply follow this link:

The sneak preview is an excellent opportunity to have a flick through the opening pages, get a feel for the course, and see whether you think this is information that will help you in your quest to earn money on the internet from the comfort of your own home.

It's completely risk free and you won't even have to get your credit card out.  So if you're interested, and serious about making money online, just click here.
Pot Pie Girl's One Week Marketing

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Potpie Girl's One Week Marketing - An Unbiased Review

3. Frequently Asked Questions

(These Questions and Answers are similar to those listed on the One Week Marketing FAQ page)

Will One Week Marketing be mailed to me?
No.  The One Week Marketing package is a digital download.  The guides are in PDF format and can be downloaded immediately after purchase.  You just need Adobe Reader to read these guides (in the event that you don't already have it, Adobe Reader is available as a free download from http://www.adobe.com).

What will my credit card statement show after I make the purchase?
Your credit card statement will display a payment to CLICKBANK*COM.  Clickbank is a reputable company that deals with the processing of multiple electronic products in large quantities on a daily basis.

Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes.  And it is a genuine 60 day money back guarantee.  If you have been researching other products, you will know they all claim to have a money back guarantee.  Dig a little deeper and you may find a few cases where the product seller had mysteriously disappeared after they'd collected your payment... But Potpie Girl is Potpie Girl (aka Jennifer Ledbitter).  She's not a fictitious character that's been created to make money from a product and then disappear.  It really is HER reputation on the line.

What if I get really stuck?
You will have direct access to expertise through Potpie Girl's coaching center.  She's big on customer service and has recently hired in more help to deal with queries even more efficiently.  No question is too silly, and all queries are answered quickly and fully.

Once I buy Potpie Girl's One Week Marketing, how much more will I need to spend to get results?
All the methods in One Week Marketing are FREE to use.  There are a few advanced techniques with minimal costs that can really help your campains BUT they are not required for you to be successful.

Potpie Girl's One Week Marketing - An Unbiased Review

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4. What 'real' people say about One Week Marketing...

While I can give you my personal guarantee that this product delivers, and purchasing this will probably be one of the best decisions you ever make when it comes to making money online, please don't just take my word for it.

Below is a small collection of comments from people who have bought One Week Marketing.  These unbiased opinions are from real people who have posted on three of the most popular internet marketing / work at home forums on the internet (sources included).  And this is an unbiased sample (you will see two posts which weren't exactly bubbling over with enthusiasm)... but you can see why I'm confident it delivers for almost everyone - not just me.

And, of course, feel free to do a little more research of your own...

"I bought it last night, and it is really helping me out.  Sometimes I feel like I am running around in circles...not sure what I should be doing...it seems over whelming! ...The guide breaks down the 7 days of the week, telling you in detail what you should do each day to be productive.  At the end of the week, you will have successfully created a campaign that you can...leave alone, and start on another.  ...for one year, you will have 52 campaigns bring in money."
"Jennifer is really nice and willing to help anyone that has a problem...and OWM is very well written."
Kecia08, Content Writer, (128+ posts) quoted from www.work-at-home-forum.com

"I researched a lot and decided on Pot Pie Girl' One Week Marketing Plan... ...a step by step easy to follow guide that will have your site up and running and generating traffic very quickly.  This program got me off the ground and taught me the basics and I did make money the first week. ...and week 3 I checked my clickbank and other affiliate accounts and had $387.00... ...in three days.  I highly recommend it if you want to get off the ground and start earning cash quickly."
ROBININCAROLINA, (214+ posts) quoted from www.work-at-home-forum.com

"Jen aka Pot Pie Girl is pretty cool...I've seen her on forums and blogs too.  She has a charming writing style.  I like her."
Newbie Shield, Gold Member (1947+ posts), quoted from www.work-at-home-forum.com

"seriously, one week marketing is one of the best guides ive bought in a while...if ever"
makemoneyonline, Silver Member (854+ posts), quoted from www.work-at-home-forum.com

"I think that one week marketing is not doing a very good job on the most important part, which is keyword research."
Jora, (5+ posts), quoted from http://www.work-at-home-forum.com

[In reply to Jora] "Have you read her posts on her website on...keyword research?  The OWM plan is one of the best plans as far as having an action plan for using free methods, and I learned a lot about keyword research by the additional things she has added to her site and that she sends to us on a regular basis..."
mountainmom5, Silver Member (1642+ posts), quoted from http://www.work-at-home-forum.com

"...very good, very solid information."
Sheryl Polomka, Senior Warrior Member (1,914+ posts), http://www.warriorforum.com

"I didn't perceive it as a way to earn a specific amount easily, but a way to really get a good start on your business online." [and in a later post] "...her weekly plan for driving traffic is solid and time tested - do the work and they will come... ...my initial impression is that this is for beginners or those struggling with traffic generation (always the key to success). I'm not a beginner, but she has reminded me of a few things I should get my boys to work on more.  By the way, it's exceptionally well written and organized and interesting to read - no fluff.  Oh - and she doesn't come off like a Guru; just someone who's got a plan and it's working.  No bragging, no hype - just good planning and organization."
BIG Mike, (7,489+ posts), quoted from http://www.warriorforum.com

"I don't know potpiegirl...but I can say that she does make money online.  A few months ago she promoted a product from one of my sites, and she made a couple of hundred bucks from mentioning it on either Twitter or Squidoo..."
Denise Hall, (1535+ posts), quoted from http://www.warriorforum.com

"The ebook focus on market research first and use squidoo to get highly ranked on google search engine.  I think it's a quality product and any newbies should get it"
thomashoi, (132+ posts), quoted from http://www.warriorforum.com

"I have One Week Marketing.  This is the method potpie girl herself used when she had no money to spend on hosting.  So, it you want to get started for as little outlay as possible, this is a very sound plan using Squidoo lenses as your sites.  You can literally use her method with no outlay at all.  She does recommend buying a domain to redirect to the affiliate product but it's not an essential part of her method.  A great way to get started in affiliate marketing."
kundrolpawo, (30+ posts), quoted from http://www.warriorforum.com

"I bought One Week Marketing a few months back and think it's a good starting point for newbies...I'm thinking about revisiting it."
Elizabeth26, (46+ posts), quoted from http://www.warriorforum.com

"I have a friend that used this system in conjunction with My Online income system and swears by the tactics that she learned in OWM.  It is definitely a legit system."
TshrtFrank, (97+ posts), http://www.whydowork.com

"...all free techniques...it's a good book in itself it just something I wouldnt buy for myself, I would only recommend it if I would have never heard of Internet marketing but that's about it"
whyklef, (43+ posts), http://www.whydowork.com

"It tells you exactly what to do and when to do it... As others have said, you can find all this information for free somewhere on the net.  What OWM will do is help you take action using your knowledge by giving you a detailed plan to follow.  I use it.  I have had success following this plan... The important thing is to take action and not jump around everywhere always trying to find the next greatest thing that is going to help you make millions of dollars.  If you're struggling with an action plan then this might be for you.  If you already have a good plan then this probably won't do much for you.  Either way you could always try it out and if it's not for you the return it.  Although I doubt you would want to after you use it."
DkWinter, (1+ post), http://www.whydowork.com

Potpie Girl's One Week Marketing - An Unbiased Review

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5. Thank you for reading.

Yes, thanks for visiting this page.  I know only too well what it was like starting out in my quest to make money online.  So many pitfalls set by people who were after a quick buck, playing the short game.  Creating identities they could hide behind and then disappearing without trace once they had collected the money.

My name's Jon Q and, as far as I'm concerned, I'm here to stay.  Any feedback, questions, requests on further info that would be useful in your own personal quest... just let me know and I'll do my best to help.

Good luck and thanks once again for reading.

With best wishes,

Jon Q.


6. Any questions?  Just let me know and I'll get back to you...

Potpie Girl's One Week Marketing - An Unbiased Review