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American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) surveys are currently open to applications from everyone - no matter where you are in the world.  The surveys are straightforward and typically 10 minutes in length,

Participation is rewarded by various means, including cash, gifts or being able to keep a product after testing it.  The value of these rewards varies between $2 and $50, depending on the nature of survey or focus group (focus groups typically offer higher rewards (e.g.>$25) though are harder to get an invite for).  Click here to sign up for this opportunity before the doors close on it.

Kimberley Hoffman's My Online Income System

Kimberley Hoffman's My Online Income System
I still use this product, and it was the first one I bought.  As a beginner, this course was a great start to learning how to make money online.  The program states you will be making $50-$100 a day ($18,250-$36,500/year) on autopilot once you complete the course.  In all honesty, you should be getting more than that. With My Online Income System (MOIS):

> You are NOT required to make any further payments in order to effectively implement the taught course strategies

> You do NOT have to pay a subscription.  At the time of writing, you simply pay a one-off fee of $47, after which you have instant access to all the resources the money making program has to offer

> You do NOT have to pay for GoogleAds

> You do NOT have to have any prior experience at all with internet business

> You do NOT need to know anything about website building

You have to put a little work in first but once that's done, money will start to pour in without you having to lift a finger.  Obviously, you can keep on doing the work and increase your revenue accordingly (create more information about the products you sell, or diversify your product portfolio).  The course assumes no prior knowledge and is structured through a 60-day action plan.  A day's action plan can be anything from 10 minutes to an hour long - so you could do the whole course in a week.  The information is all there, ready to be accessed by you at any convenient time.

The customer support is great too.  They had some hitches a while back (customers reported these in forums) but the whole system has been recently revamped (7th March 2009 I think) and there is now a members forum too - so there are at least 3 ways to get some assistance from the people that run the program (direct email, members forum, phone number).  One thing that pleasantly surprised me was receiving a phone call from an 'online business advisor' asking how I was getting on with the course and offering some advice.  This is currently stated on Kim Hoffman's My Online Income System website as a bonus but I'd completely forgotten about it once I was immersed in all the online material.

I know that some people have reported being hassled by these 'online business advisors' so be wary - if they start trying any funny business just say you're not interested and hang up.  You should not have to spend another dollar to see results.

MOIS is widely publicised as the #1 system on the market.  It is a popular product as more people are realising it actually delivers.  So whilst it may be a marketing ploy, I should mention there is a warning on Kim's website about a limit on the people buying the program (she doesn't want everyone knowing about the secrets etc.) so if you're tempted to check it out then better sooner rather than later!

Click here to reach the MyOnlineIncomeSystem website

If you're uncertain over the suitability of this product for you, then rest assured that if it's not working out then you will get a refund - I have successfully claimed a refund on another product sold through the same intermediary company that acts for MyOnlineIncomeSystem.

Just make sure that when you order the product you are taken to a page from 'Clickbank' - this is the trustworthy intermediary.

And if there's anything you want clarified about Kim Hoffman's My Online Income System, then just
contact me - no spam, no mailing list, and a reply within 2 working days.

Do you want your own residual income of $100+/day?

Then just click through 
now for immediate access:

> My Online Income System <

15th August (2009) Update:

Our first information video has finally been uploaded...

You can watch it here:

'Kimberley Hoffman's 'My Online Income System' - Behind The Scenes'

Click here to see what you get access to when you buy
My Online Income System

Or visit the sales page to start making money online right now:

Earn Extra From Home
Earn Extra From Home
Earn Extra From Home - Kim Hoffman My Online Income System
Is My Online Income System A Scam - Earn Extra From Home
If you buy Kim's My Online Income System this is what you will be getting access to.
Update: 11th March 2010
You may notice I put together the My Online Income System review video above back in August 2009 so here's a more recent screen shot from one of my niche accounts just to show you the System still works - and remember, the free methods taught in My Online Income System can be applied to any, and as many, niche markets as you wish.
My Online Income System Sales - Earn Extra From Home
As you can see, with Kim's My Online Income System, the income is residual and can be generated at any point in a 24-hour day from anywhere in the world (United States, Malaysia, and Netherlands in this case).

#2.  Cash Making Power Sites

I am very excited about this one.  It's a new product so takes advantage of the latest hype-inducing methods in the marketplace - just what you need if you want to generate an online income that emulates the methods of top affiliates.

Everything is set up for you in terms of having 5 websites with their own opt-in lists, which you control.  There are also platforms supporting traffic generation - this makes your role so much easier.  A lot of effort has gone into this hence it is a cut above any other turnkey website product out there today (including my recommendation #3 below, which it has overtaken).

The product oozes professionalism - just check out their site here - Cash Making Power Sites.  You'll see what I'm talking about.  And if you read through it, you'll pick up some very good tips whether you decide to invest or not.

For $47 this is almost too good to be true.  And that's because you'll end up paying a 'membership' subscription.  So what I recommend is checking it out by taking advantage of the 50-day 100% money back guarantee.  If you're making a profit after subscription fee then it could be just what you were looking for.

So take a look at Cash Making Power Sites by clicking here.

#3.  Money Making Website

Also referred to as, this is a great option for starting out and dipping your toe in the water - and it is stated that there are over 4,000 users, and growing...

This product provides you with an instant website that features and advertises products derived from the most popular online niches today.

You have the choice of getting a free website or going for the pro plan.

The free website is a ready-built website that you can't customise, and you can't assign a domain name to either.  But you can make money from sales made via the site.  If you don't want to get in too deep, then this is a great place to start - it's free after all!  And you can always upgrade later.

If you're a little more serious and want to get stuck in and generate a few online income streams, then check out the pro plan.  You can have up to 5 websites, each with a choice of promoting any 3 products in the top 5 product niches.  You promote the products of your choice, which means you can continually update them as the market changes.

There is also the facility to host google adsense (another potential source of income that doesn't cost anything for you to set up), as well as build up a mailing list (this would involve subscribing to aweber but it's no bad thing having a mailing list later on - the main thing is that the option is there).

Now it is a pro plan because you pay for it - and at the time of writing it costs $140 per year.  But this covers the website hosting - so if you take up your 5 website entitlement, it's basically $28/year per site, or $2.33/month per site.  Which is actually not too bad compared to other website hosting prices.  And you don't have to build the site - you just choose the products and their description.

I made my first sale using one of the pro plan websites in conjunction with My Online Income System - so I know it works and I am happy to recommend it to you.

Click here to take a look at their website

What's more, I was able to do a small thing that made it even better.  If you've just bought it or are just about to, send me a message via this link and I'll let you in on the secret.

Of course, please let me know if you have any general questions about the above too.  Just click here.